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401(k) Services

Our firm has many decades of experience in providing retirement-plan guidance to small businesses. Our expertise comprises all manner of ERISA-covered plans, and we have proudly advised hundreds of companies, over the widest array of industries. 

Plan Consultation & Design

Our firm's unique focus on the small-business 401 (k) industry situates us powerfully to consult on plan design. From selecting the most advantageous plan vendors, to designing an appropriate menu of investments, our team works to deliver to you a plan that is both efficacious and cost-savvy. 


Investment Policy Statement, Development & Monitoring

An Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is key to developing a stable, forward-looking 401 (k) plan. Our firm can assist plan sponsors in composing a robust and professionally calibrated IPS. As the company plan grows in asset size, such statements become indispensable touchstones for sponsors.


Ongoing Educational Meetings

In group settings, we provide educational services to plan participants, so that they learn to appreciate the dynamic benefits provided through their company plan. These educational meetings help to bolster contribution rates, and aid employers in attracting and retaining key employees.


One-to-One Participant Consultation Meetings

Giving careful, diagnostic attention to every plan participant is critical to optimizing plan performance. To this end, our advisors provide intensive one-on-one meetings, wherein we ensure that participants are taking full advantage of company benefits, and are properly allocated within the plan.

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Let's Work Together

We are happy to schedule a no-obligation, free-of-charge meeting, so that we can explore in what ways our expertise will benefit your business.

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